January 22, 2014

12 Things to Carry on Day Walks

12 Things to Carry on Day Walks.
In addition to what you are wearing, the following is the minimum we suggest you carry on a day walk:

1.   Waterproof jacket.

2.   Waterproof trousers.

3.   Spare warm layer - we recommend Primaloft insulated garments, such as Montane Prism or Flux jackets. These are: light, warm, pack down very small, and unlike down do not lose their insulation properties when wet.

4.   Hat and gloves - for what they weigh and the benefit they provide, carry them all year round.

5.   Map and compass.

6.   Whistle.

7.   Group shelter - we suggest a large windproof shelter such as a Terra Nova Bothy Bag, however a large orange survival bag will do the trick.

8.   Torch + spare batteries/torch - as there are many small and light (pun intended) torches available these days, we tend to carry a spare rather than batteries.

9.   Food and drink - always useful to carry some extra snack items or energy bars.

10.  Sunglasses.

11.  Sun cream.

12.  First aid kit including personal medication.