February 22, 2014

8 Good Reasons To Attend A Navigation Course

Due to the amount of Mountain Rescue Team callouts to walkers who are lost, you may wish to consider the following before having a day on the hill;

8 good reasons to attend a navigation course:

1. You will learn about map scales.

2. You will learn how to estimate distance travelled.

3. You will be able to plan a route.

4. You will gain confidence in reading a map and using a compass, whatever the weather.

5. You will learn how to locate yourself in poor visibility, or if unsure of your position.

6. You will learn to interpret contours and recognise land features on the map, and vice versa.

7. You will learn various navigation techniques, such as: aiming off, attack points, and more.

8. You should then have the skills to have a safe and enjoyable day on the hill.

Most good providers of Navigation Courses will also cover areas such as: what to wear, what to carry in your pack, and look at various safety issues.

We most certainly do, and hope you will book on one of our courses!