Indoor Climbing

Ever fancied a go at climbing but lack confidence? Or perhaps you’re looking for another way to keep fit? Then why not have a go at indoor climbing?
Not that long ago, most people took their first tentative climbing steps on real rock, but these days it’s much more likely to be on an indoor wall. Artificial climbing walls have seen an enormous surge in popularity over the last few decades and have improved beyond all recognition from the early basic efforts. Now there are few towns in the UK that don’t have a wall, making them a very accessible place to start.

Indoor climbing is a safe and controlled activity, providing an excellent form of exercise which works all muscle groups, improves balance and coordination, and also helps the mind with problem solving.

We can provide one off taster sessions, or a series of one hour sessions where you will learn everything you need to know to climb safely indoors. During this course you will learn how to belay, the basic knots, rope technique and climbing movement. All equipment is provided.

What are you waiting for?